Insanely Devout

Or is that just insane? There is an excellent post on Effect Measure today which chronicles some of the nutcases who can get on TV as long as they are praising their Lord.

All the good, pertinent points have already been made over there, and it is late here so I wont write too much.The post begins with a bit of background when a family complained about too much prayer in their children’s school (what ever happened to separation of Church and State in the US?):

This week [Austin Cline] discusses a show on that begins with a brief vignette about couple in a small town in Mississippi who complained to their son’s public elementary school principal about time spent in study and prayer. Yes, his public elementary school. For their trouble they became outcasts. No one would speak to them or let their children play with their children. When it was later revealed they were atheists, the father’s boss got calls complaining he had brought an to town. People drove parked in front of their house and stared at them as if they were animals in a zoo. They left town.

This on its own is shocking enough, but the rest of the transcript takes it to a new level. I can’t do it enough justice here, pop over to Effect Measure and see it for yourself. The panelists are barely coherent in their urge to insult and denigrate Atheists. So much for compassion – they would rather you worshipped than no at all. The comment “I’m Jewish, but I recognize we’re a Christian country and freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion” really made me laugh. What idiocy.

Makes you wonder, when the Land of the Free shows the same religious tolerance as a fundamentalist Islamic dictatorship…..

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