Breathtaking Irony

And I mean breathtaking.

That wonderful source of philosophical magic that is MySpace has continued to come up trumps. This time it has a post by “jennandahalf” which defies any rational understanding. She is obviously distressed about the Blasphemy Challenge and writes: (emphasis mine)

Okay, I’m not here to preach to anyone, but I hope that this means something to you.

About a month ago, a video was posted on YouTube by an Atheist group encouraging people to use blasphemy against Christianity and the fact that there is a God, Son and Holy Spirit by posting a video. The reward? Having an unforgivable sin on your slate and getting a free movie called ‘The God Who Wasn’t There.’ Woo…

Upon watching this in church this morning, I started to cry. It’s so sad that so many people don’t have faith in anything at all. It’s absolutely astounding! There are young kids, former Biblical counselors, and older nonbelievers. There was even a girl I recognized from Christian Club. What compels people to give up faith? Many of the people state that Christianity is close-minded and not ‘fun.’ Nothing could be farther from the truth! Christians should be accepting, loving, and get the most out of life! But that’s a different story…

Also featured on YouTube is an interview with one of the originators of The Blasphemy Challenge, as it’s commonly called. Fox news did something right for a change and asked why the Atheist community that sponsors the challenge is sucking kids into a world of no hope and disbelief.

I encourage everyone to reflect on this. Visit YouTube and watch the videos.

There is talk that Christians are planning a rebuttal by posting videos declaring the name of Jesus Christ.

Amazing. I hope this is a satirical post.

First off, she is pretty deluded if she thinks all atheists dont have “any faith in anything at all.” This is a oft argued topic so I will leave it for now and concentrate on the second, best bit.

Yes, Christians should be accepting so why can’t she accept that not all people are Christians? If they made videos saying they had converted to Islam would she be as upset? Some times I am truly amazed by the nonsense Americans can put out when they think their faith is challenged – and surely if they have faith, they have nothing to worry about.

The last point was addressed in a previous post here.

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2 thoughts on “Breathtaking Irony

  1. I suspect it isn’t satire as the MySpace profile describes jennandahalf as studying at “Baptist Bible College And Graduate School” and she is a member of a MySpace group called “Hardcore Christians-Living Hardcore” (ironically she is also member of a group called “INCUBUS!!!!” but I think the connotations are over her head)

  2. C’mon. This must be a joke. Some sort of viral marketing for the blasphemy challenge.

    It actually tells people to watch the video.

    On the very slim chance it’s real, it is quite amazing that a young woman can claim to be so “sensitive” to the peril of non-believers that she burst into tears in church — and then BOASTED on the Internet about her sensitivity to the suffering of atheists — and then sends people to see the actual site. lol

    It maybe proof that there are indeed miracles – could anyone so dumb actually learn to write and be able to blog were it not for the intervention of a higher power. 🙂

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