Idiotic Ranting

Thanks to a link on Pharyngula (amazingly aptly titled “John Kasich is a big fat idiot“), I came across a YouTube clip from Fox News where a frankly idiotic fox news presenter is frothing in an amazing manner about the Blasphemy Challenge.

Not living in the US, there is a tendency to miss out on the ranting, and preaching, which seems to be tolerated on network television. I am curious if there is anything similar in the UK – and I really hope not.

Watch the video but be careful not to be drinking at the time. I can pretty much guarantee you will end up choking on some bits. The ranting about how the Blasphemy Challenge is corrupting kids, how Christians are going out playing basketball and the Challenge is an insult to them all, even better – how this is an attack only on (despite the blasphemy being a sin in and as well, but I don’t think will ever be able to educate himself that much).

It really is a good example of how ignorant some people can be, and how despite their claims to being a “Christian” with all the charity, forgiveness and kindness that implies, people use it to be a rude, offensive idiot. Even if Kasich is just playing up to the ratings (almost certainly) it speaks more for what a small minded low life he is than anything else.

Shame on them all.

4 thoughts on “Idiotic Ranting

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  2. Hello! I am probably missing the point completely, but nonetheless…I’m pretty fascinated by the concept of Christian charity too – largely because I don’t really understand where the notion of Christians BEING necessarily charitable actually comes from.

    It’s the same as the notion of religious ‘inclusion’ and religious ‘tolerance’, of
    which we’ve been hearing a tedious amount lately…

    Did you happen to see the piece in The Guardian about the Islamic King Fayad school, which has been upsetting people all over the shop?

    Here’s a choice quote (would love to know what you think):

    “any religious work that is open to misinterpretation and can be used to incite intolerance has no place in a school”


  3. Jo

    I just read your recent post on this and it’s full of spot-on points.

    I totally agree, I too suspect there, by definition, there could be no religious work that’s not “open to misinterpretation” and believe that there are also very few that aren’t used to incite intolerance.

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