Wierd education – foundation schools

Following the previous post and a helpful comment from Nullfidian, I found the school website, which is depressing enough. It seems it is a “foundation school.” This got me wondering what a “foundation school” was anyway. Teacher net has some sort of explanation of the types of schools. D’oh. Did I say explanation? I meant list. Because the definitions make minimal sense and just got me ranting.

Apparently a foundation school is what used to be a “grant-maintained” school (which used to mean half-private, but subsidised by the state in exchange for taking a few non-paying kids. Now it appears that they run themselves but the DES pays x amount for them. hmmm.) I’ll say no more about this on-the-face-of-it silly school. It doesn’t seem to offer much except to people who don’t want their daughters to mix with boys so it’s pitching itself at the Islamic parent population,

Some of the other categories seem baffling. I suddenly remember I’m paying my taxes for these:-

Couple of categories of religious indoctrination units schools. Oh good. I love the idea that I am paying for kids to be isolated from people who haven’t been brought up to believe the same stuff as them. (Note for the slow-witted, that was Sarcasm)

Other wierd categories of “specialist” schools. These seem totally daft in concept to me. How fair is it to base a secondary education on whether kids are good at music or sport? Or, Rhiannon forbid, “business and enterprise”? Arghh. Maybe someone can explain to me why these exist but, to be honest, I am not interested so don’t bother. I prefer to deny their existence,

But the category that totally freaks me out is the three categories of child jails. From Secure units to the three truly menacing sounding 365 -days -a-year Secure training units. Quote:

Secure Training Unit (STCs)
There are currently three STCs in operation, they were set up under the Private Finance Initiative and are operated by private providers under contracts managed by the Home Office

They take kids from 10 to 17 (ten???) Are there really enough ten year-olds so dangerously disturbed that they have to be sent to child jails? Three of them, even with all the other units that exist. Thor forbid I or any of my blood ever come across one. All the same, surely kids that damaged and dangerous need some really heavy-duty assistance. Like somebody looking at what their parents or “carers” have done to them? Or why the rest of us aren’t concerned to prevent it?

Private Finance Initiative? Group 4? Securicor?

Doesn’t this seem too Dickensian for words to anyone else? Now on this one, I really would welcome some explanation. If anyone who works in one or has been in one reads this, can you explain what happens in them and what purpose they achieve.? I would be extremely grateful.

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