The Anti-Dawkins

Another entertaining link courtesy of the Nullifidian Blog. This time it is who comes under the spotlight. Claiming his two doctorates (molecular biology and theology) as a ground point, Prof. McGrath is about to publish a book called the Dawkins Delusion – a not even subtle attack on Richard Dawkins.

That title alone is enough to show that the religious-right struggle to grasp the concept of humour, not to mention the issue with the fact that Dawkins is not God. Dawkis is not the Prophet, or Pope of Atheism. Will the religious crusaders ever grasp what the concept of Atheism means? It is not worship of some hitherto unknown deity. The God Delusion presented arguments about why worship of God was a mistake, and God probably does not exist. If the Dawkins Delusion is going to try the same tactic it will be funny. No one worships Dawkins and he certainly does exist!

The Nullifidian blog nicely deconstructs most of the nonsense and woo surrounding the book (and Prof McGrath) but one bit I could not ignore:

[Prof McGrath] continues: “When I was an atheist, I sounded like Richard Dawkins. I focused only on the things that fitted my theory. One of the things that made me stop being an atheist was realising things are rather more complicated.”

Now that was funny. Belief in the invisible friend is more complicated than working out how life forms evolve and adapt to their environment. Amazing, isn’t it. Yeah, “God Did It” is such a complicated concept to try and hold in your head. I love the way Prof. McGrath refers to him self as an ex-Atheist. That really tickles.

There is another side swipe a Dawkins, saying he “refuses” to debate with the anti-Dawkins Prof McGrath. Remember, Science is not Guided By Consensus. Debates are meaningless.

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  1. I always smile when I see comments like “I used to be a [insert not particularly strange thing here]”, and it always makes me think “what, couldn’t you handle it?” 😉

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