Weekends are busy

Weekends are never good time for churning out posts here, so I suspect asides will come to dominate two out of seven days each week in 2007.

I just wanted to make a quick post to let you know about some very good blogs, well worth reading:

  • The Friendly Atheist – has an excellent article on the Blasphemy Challenge which is apparently getting religious groups’ backs up. (Oh well eh?)
  • For those who dont think “Oh well” when it comes to annoying the religious fundamentalists, the Atheist Ethicist has an excellent post about what is wrong with Atheist Moderates.

I suspect the second link will be more relevant to Americans, as currently in the UK there is little overt public disfavour of Atheism (although very few overt atheists get public office and religious leaders are always looked to as “moral guardians” by the media and general public). One concern I do have is history has shown that American culture, trends, habits and societal madness eventually makes its way to the UK.

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