Talking trash

Rare news item: A House of Commons committee has said something eminently sensible The committee was looking at plans to introduce fortnightly rubbish collections everywhere, as well as to penalise people who produce rubbish and to reward recycling.

The Committee came out against these ideas as likely to encourage fly-tipping, increase the rat population, potentially spread diseases and so on.

The Department for the Environment said it was “disappointed that, on financial incentives, the committee has not recognised the need to try out new and innovative ways of encouraging sustainable waste behaviour”.

The solutions to the problem of waste that the Department of the Environment were favouring seem pretty poor. Above all, they impact on the consuming household rather than on the producer or distributor. For instance, triple-wrapped foods produce mountains of plastic wrapping that have to be dealt with. It’s not like we have a choice about accepting the packaging when we buy things.

The DOE’s solutions come down to cutting landfill by slowing down the collection of trash and charging people, if they can’t dispose of their trash themselves by composting or taking it to the recycling centre. Continue reading

Ebuyer Good and Bad

Well, first off, I was wrong when I worried about Ebuyer getting my goods to me, they actually arrived today. Fortunately, I had relied more on City Link’s claims of when the goods would be delivered than Ebuyers and was able to accept the delivery.

Oddly, even though Ebuyer claimed the shipment would only be two thirds of the goods, all arrived at the same time. I wonder if Ebuyer are aware of this… 😀 Overall, this is not a “well done” to Ebuyer, I am relived the things arrived but the almost random scheduling is still annoying. I hope it never comes down to a case of me singing a company’s praise simply because they managed to do what I paid them hundreds of pounds to do…

Also, especially pertinent since my local authority now only collects household waste every two weeks, the amount of packaging used was outrageous. Seriously. I even took some pictures (one of the items was a new memory card so I had to try it out) to prove my point.

Box on side Box from top

I have put some household items around it so you can get an idea of the size. It is a big box. You would think it held something really big, or really fragile.

Contents - shot 1 Contents - Shot 2

As you can see, the sole contents of this box were FIVE DVD-RW disks. Yes, only five. All that packaging for five disks. Amazing really. The memory card was a bit different as it came in a plastic envelope – much more in proportion. I wonder if I can make Ebuyer pay for the extra costs involved in getting rid of that carboard and the plastic padding that was inside (doesn’t photo very well, so I excluded most of it). Anyway, I am still going to think of Ebuyer as a bad shop for a while longer…

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