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Here at Whydontyou towers we’re saddened to find that this blog has been updated so rarely in the recent past* that its reign over the realm of Whydontyou has been challenged by an alien blog called ydontyou (which I am buggered if I’m going to post a link to.) It feels like the identity theft that we are all meant to worry ourselves sick over.

In case you’ve ever visited it and think we’ve changed completely, that site has nothing to do with the one true whydontyou blog. (Which – to be fair – has nothing to do with the ancient kid’s tv programme that we stole our name from. Oh bugger, pot -kettle, I fear.) However, I see that the evil usurper is trying to be a blog of random posts by anyone who cares to blog. Which:

a) tempts me to post anonymous posts there (but I won’t because the spacetime continuum could be disrupted by the paradox and some strange singularity would occur.)

b) puts me in mind of the income-challenged real media which seems to be getting ever more desperate keen to replace paid journalistic copy with opinions and photos from anyone who cares to send in free content. (Almost by definition, normally lunatics.)

It was bad enough when the media, overwhelmed by the volume of wikileaks material, asked people to submit their own findings from the mass of data. How lazy can you get? How mean, also, to replace professional researchers with free labour? Even unpaid “intern” researchers hope to make contacts and have something to put on application forms. Public content-providers don’t even get that carrot.

But now it’s the winter. It is strange enough that snow in Southern England has occupied the main headlines on the BBC and Guardian websites for days.

You might expect the media might report the existence of snow on the weather pages and traffic delays on the traffic delay pages and leave news pages to focus on people at risk of death from cold – the homeless, the poor, the very old and very young.

Instead, you get calls for “Your stories and your pictures of the snow” – always for unpaid submissions.

Snow is beautiful in reality and can look beautiful in a picture. Snow is cold.

However, snow as a major citizen journalism project is completely uninteresting. Other people’s snow stories and photos are pretty much like other people telling you their dreams.

You’d be forgiven for thinking nothing serious was happening in the world….

Ffs, surely Cheryl Cole has got a new hairstyle or gained or lost a few pounds. And surely the about-to-be-wed prince-and-princess’s old school and university pals haven’t run out of amusing anecdotes yet? By toutatis, I’ll soon have to google if I need to find out to find out who won Strictly Come Dancing/ the Apprentice/X-Factor/Britain’s Got Talent (insert name of standard tv-celeb news items. Sorry I’m struggling here because my brain fails to distinguish any of these programmes)

Shape up, mass media.

* Even spammers see us as not worth the bother. A desultory spam turns up every week or so. Gone are the glory days of a couple of hundred a day.

4 thoughts on “Weather news

  1. What are you talking about i did not know your site even existed.
    you start with a w i start with a y so your problem is?
    And are you talking about about my website or my ydontyou newspaper.
    Also it’s a free country people can post their blogs to anyone, there is enough room on the web for everyone.
    Sour grapes get over yourself please

    Kind regards

  2. Michael

    You don’t seem to have really grasped the mood of that post. I think the word for the tone was meant to be “wry”…

    Surprisingly, this blog isn’t a big-value brand. If it brings anything to us (apart from contact with some amazing commenters) it’s been incredible trouble in the real world. So, I would say you are more than welcome to any combination of ‘y’s

    I don’t know how to get over myself,. sorry.

    Hope this helps 😉


  3. “Michael” – I like how you found this to take offence when no link to your site had been put in place. Where you googleing mentions of yourself?

    While you are at it, why not google a cure for a serious humourectomy. You appear to have had one.

    Take a moment to get over yourself (irony noted) and re-read the above post.

    It is a dig on the media, which relies heavily on crowdsourcing to get “news.”

    Your ego appears to have led you to read it as a dig at you.

    Dont you just love a big helping of irony in your diet?

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