Great minds thinking alike

This may be a unique event, this blog and the Archbishop of Canterbury (oh, all right then, and millions of other people) speak with one voice. The idea that UK Christians are being persecuted is silly.

Rowan Williams (C of E Archbishop) expressed this so well that it bears repeating:

.. told a congregation at Canterbury Cathedral that “wooden-headed bureaucratic silliness” combined with a “well-meaning and completely misplaced anxiety about giving offence to non-Christians” should not be mistaken for persecution. (in the Guardian)(

1 thought on “Great minds thinking alike

  1. Indeed, great minds to think the same. Most of the time they are socially-challenged. I believe that the organizations made by great minds in the past is their way to socialize and talk to some people who actually understand them.

    Great minds though are very important in this world because they think outside the box. That’s why our history books talk about great people and the events made by these great people.

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