Teachers stand up for kids

Teachers are voting on boycotting SATS at the national Union of Teachers (NUT) conference this weekend.

If you have kids, the teachers are fighting for their education and future. There’s no benefit to the teachers. They are just concerned with your kids.

I just met some teachers who are attending this conference and discussed the issue with them. They were very clear about the importance of protecting kids from the SATS nonsense.

One said ro me “What does it say to a 6-year old boy who’s not very good at tests when you tell him his future is going to be set by them?” The answer is embedded in the question. He has no future if he’s not good at tests. At 6..

Total respect to the teachers who love the subjects that they teach, who really care about learning and who are willing to stand up for their professional standards and the kids in their care.

Boycott SATS. Nuff said.