US Plans to Ban Irish Coffee….

Echoing the prohibition that hung round the great depression, the current global economic crisis seems to be encouraging people to ban things, almost at random.

From New Scientist:

THE US Food and Drug Administration is unimpressed by the fad for drinks that contain a double hit – alcohol and caffeine. Unless makers supply the FDA with scientific evidence that the drinks are safe they could be banned within months.

Another wonderful, yet unthinking, bit of legislation is sure to follow. Gone are the days when people can enjoy a cup of coffee with a shot of whisky after their meal. [Please feel free to twitter away on this!]

3 thoughts on “US Plans to Ban Irish Coffee….

  1. A silly piece of legislation that won’t accomplish much; it looks like it would apply to pre-packaged beverages. As far as I can tell, people will still be able to get Irish Coffee (I prefer Irish Cocoa – hot cocoa with a shot of Bailey’s) at bars and restaurants (or, if they really must act clandestinely, they can order a pot of coffee and some shots of whiskey and do their own mixing). And, of course, what people mix in their homes will be entirely up to them.

  2. I just realised that this could put Tia Maria on some scary new alcohol/coffee schedule.
    My girly drink of occasional choice (Baileys and Tia Maria) is under threat. Grrr.

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