I’ve been away for a while, so it was with shock, horror and sadness I realised that FSTDT had died, but it was joy when I realised it had been resurrected.

The posts can now be found at FSTDT.net, although it is still very rough and ready. As you can see, the look and feel has remained, but the new system means there are a lot less quotes getting through. IMHO this is both good and bad, in the past some pretty un-fundie quotes were being approved, but at least you were getting a lot of comedy. Now it seems like there is only going to be a quote or two each day. With the restrictions placed on moderation, there is also a good chance that only quotes from known-regular-fundies will make it though – everyone else is scared of approving non-fundie, non-funny stuff. Hopefully none of this will transpire and my pathetic attempts at prediction will remain pathetic.

A few other things I don’t like about the changes are – the lack of any ability to edit your own posts; the difficulty in getting back to the post index/archives after you have viewed a comment and the lack of apparent monthly threading. It is possible that Distind is going to address these points, so time will tell.

For now, however, it remains a fantastic source of idiocy and witty comments. It also remains pretty much the only source of online comedy images I have:


(hat tip: FSTDT Refugee Forum)

1 thought on “FSTDT Lives

  1. Seems as though is should be a site that I should check out. Looked at the cartoon picture in the post and have to say that it is pretty funny.
    Seems as though that individual loves the instance of gulability, if that is indeed a word, and the ability to convince people of certain things when they are not so.

    I can see why the people in charge would be sceptical about accepting submissions from people who are new and have no previous reference to check. There’s something about people who have a set record and soemthing that you can check or ask someone about (or better, to go and have a look at their work in this instance) as this will make you, as an individual, be more accepting of their work that you are representing as good.

    Sounds like the changes should be good for everyone and think I need to go over and visit the site.

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