Don’t make me keep saying this

Another of those polls that make you worry about the quality of some teachers and wonder what all the endless inspections they have to undergo are supposed to have achieved. A MORI poll found that

More than a quarter of science teachers in state schools believe that creationism should be taught alongside evolution in science lessons, according to a national poll of primary and secondary teachers. (From James Randerson in the Guardian)

This is pretty much what the Teachers TV poll suggested in November. Maybe it’s the same poll and the Guardian’s confusing breaking news with news that Randerson already wrote about months ago. I can only hope so.

Steve Jones and Dawkins responded, using phrases like “very depressing” and ” a national disgrace.” Quite.

2 thoughts on “Don’t make me keep saying this

  1. Will this mean that students will finally be exposed to a just as valid Celtic theory of creation? 😛

    (I have a pretty strong certainty that the “creationism” the teachers would accept teaching is only one unjustified creationism out of a multitude.)

  2. It makes you wonder what teachers were polled to come up with numbers like this.

    For example, if you carried out a survey of Religious Education teachers then you may get different results from a survey of Biology teachers…

    Sadly, the only thing this survey really shows is that teachers are (on the whole) no more generally educated than the rest of us. This is not a good thing.

    Yoo is spot on – I doubt these teachers are actually after “controversy” being taught (I cant wait until we get to teach the controversy in every subject…), but just want to shoe-horn the Christian myth. Why they want it in the UK is beyond me – we already teach it in RE lessons….

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