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Tagged by the Chaplain with the 6 things meme, the rules of which are:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random, arbitrary things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

After doing 1 and 2, I’ve gone straight to 4, already stumped by the problem of picking 6 blogs that won’t have already been tagged or won’t like it. But I obviously can’t do it at all without the dreaded 6 things. And I am pleased that the Chaplain has tagged me. Her blog is really good. She always says wise things in it and makes wise and funny comments here.

My problem is that – although I’m anything but humble – I really can’t think of 6 things about me that are both
(a) interesting and
(b) that I’d feel Ok about sticking on the internet.
(If I didn’t think feel like that, I’d have a MySpace or Facebook page, rather than a withering sense of disdain for almost anyone who has one when they aren’t trying to sell records.)

Killing 2 birds with one stone seemed the way to go. I’ll look at some blogs and if they have been tagged, I’ll respond to their content to make my 6 things. No, too much effort.

So I’m going to spew out a a stream of consciousness response and then stick in random numbers…..

Suppress instinctive yawn. The brain mists over at the words “stream of consciousness” Oh Loki forbid, am I going to talk about consciousness? Am I actively trying to discourage readers? (Might as well discuss French structuralist anthropology and have done with it. ) OK, there will be no more messing about with the concept of consciousness.

No, must make this at least marginally more entertaining. (Sadly, this week, I feel as witty as someone who’s just put in a long day’s work shovelling wit in the witmines and just can’t face dealing with emptying their own withouse.)

What are these memes for?

A few of the Good things are

  1. Helping to create a community;
  2. Getting a few more links and finding a few more blogs you might be interested in;
  3. Getting to know each other better as real humans rather than representations of character strings a in pixel format;

Oh my void, it seems as if I’m going to write a list of Bad Things and turn this into some form of meme SWOT analysis*. Must put a stop to that now. Will skip straight to the Threats then:

Mapping social networking is a big growth area in the ongoing projects to map all our lives and connections. There seems something of a turkey willingly lining up for a Christmas cull in setting out all your social network connections in an easy to gather format. The instinctive rebel in me makes me think “Why make it easy for the buggers to draw up their endless connectedness maps? Let them at least do a bit of work.”

Too late. The instinctive conformist in me has already joined in the meme.

I like the thought of Good Thing number 3. If I find people interesting online, I do want to know more about the real human being.. But, I’m not often interested in what size gloves they were or the name of their first pet or who is their favourite musician. Apart from anything else, this can really put you off someone: Person’s X’s favourite tv programme is the X-Factor? Person Y’s favourite shirt colour is orange? Person Z believes Titanic was the best film ever made? How can I possibly have any respect for them?

Infinitely too superficial a basis on which to decide whether to assume someone is an idiot. But, I’ll do it. And I’m always trying to keep my superficiality in check. I’m already too superficial in real life. I decide how I feel about people on the basis of completely absurd judgements – mostly aesthetic. But, in the tangible world, I can see a lot more of someone. I can put (what I see as) the repellent stuff in context with the wonderful things about them. And they can do the same to me. (For example, they can decide whether having the most fantastic coat in the world makes up for being a really arrogant know-all or makes it even worse.)

Knowing someone only as from reading their blog is like meeting people in a speed-dating venue. They have a couple of minutes to impress you with their layout or humour or kindness or wisdom or intelligence or seriousness or recipe for shortbread or capacity to attract comment-acolytes or their grasp of web 2.0 standards in a *nix environment.

Noone would to turn up and tell you that they admire GW Bush as a peacemaker or that Elton John’s tribute to Princess Diana brings tears to their eyes. Because they’d quite rightly expect you to run a mile, or press the buzzer for the next one in line (I’m imagining it must be like speed chess but less fun. And I can’t play chess) If you discovered things like that, after you’ve got to know them and found out that they run a homeless shelter and are developing a cure for cancer, you might be a bit more forgiving.

So now, you know at least half a dozen random things about me. (1) I’ll sidestep anything I see as potentially intrusive. (2) I’m pretty superficial. (3) I’d rather talk about ideas or “people in general” than about actual people. (4) I can produce an opinion at the drop of a hat. (5) I’m probably pretty much like you in some ways and in some ways not at all like you. (6) I have now got a shit hot coat.

My first impulse is to tag the blogs that we always tag, like those in the WhyDontYou top ten but that seems lame. (And reminds me that the Top Ten needs some updating and expansion.) Most of them have been tagged anyway. (If you haven’t, please consider yourself tagged, if you’re in our top ten. Or, even if you aren’t.)

My next thought is to tag people whose blogs I don’t like at all, but that seems completely stupid. So I’m going to pick the names from blogs where I have no idea what to expect from the meme answers.

I am going to tag recent commenters here. Sadly, most of the recent unfamiliar names seem to be people without a blog link and tinned-industrial-meat-product blogs that slipped past Akismet, so I’ll skip them. (It’s too much of a challenge to credulity to believe that “Prefinished Flooring” or “Trauma Scene Clean up” or “Payday Loans” adopted those noms de blog as an obscure ironic joke.)

Here are some which are – pretty definitely – humans.

Dino Delellis
1 minion’s opinion (nice blog)
Atheist blogger
Ungodly cynic
K rad eleet

(Yes, I know i have to tell them now. Point 6)

* SWOT analysis: Monstrous grid of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It is a compulsory part of any business plan. I don’t believe any funders or lenders ever read them, so you can probably list the names of your favourite or least favourite Star-Trek-spin-off characters.

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  2. I agree with TC, an inspired analogy. 🙂

    Perhaps I should mention that I’ve never speeddated (speeddete?) either, but can imagine that as you are scrutinising them, they’re also scrutinising you (and wondering why you’ve not said anything)…

  3. I’m so glad you and the other memedemics didn’t tag me. Really I am. Because then I would have had to be rude and snotty, or is that rotty and snude… anyway, it’s good to be not-tagged with these things. I have several reputations to maintain and caving in to memeiness would spoil any number of them. Besides, I’m such an egotist I never want to screw around with other people’s memes. It’s too much like caving in to anonymous authority.

    Anyway, I enjoyed your creative dodging and weaving… all that hard work just to end up where you didn’t want to go. 🙂 Very strange, young woman, very strange.

  4. Okay, my responses are posted and I’ve alerted my fellow bloggers. Thanks for picking me out obscurity today. It was fun putting my answer together.

  5. Oh wow, how long ago was this? I’ve been such a bad rss feed reader of late. You’d think becoming unemployed would mean I had more time for reading my GReader… but no, I just up and stopped. Probably too many depressing economy-related posts in my feeds turned me off.

    Well, there’s one random thing, I’ve been unemployed since November, but that’s about to end, at least temporarily.

    2. In addition to KRE I run a blog about the town I live in. I update both about as frequently, which is to say, not nearly frequently enough.

    3. I’m originally from New England. I now live on the west coast.

    4. I’m 45% through GTA IV.

    5. I have a 200-disc CED collection.

    6. I use dollar coins, at least whenever I get my hands on them.

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