Palin – Joke or legitimate candidate?

Previously on the WhyDontYou Blog (cue “24” theme tune), I made a tongue in cheek reference to Palin being a Republican party “joke candidate”. At the time, I didn’t really think it was true, I was just mocking her apparent difficulty at doing anything you would expect a potential vice-President to do.

However, reading through the Times Online today, I have to re-assess my opinion. Do people actually intend to vote for this person? Seriously, now? The joke has gone on for long enough. Please come clean.

With monumental understatement, the Times Online headlines “Sarah Palin struggles in unwelcome spotlight on eve of TV showdown.” This begins as if it is an everyday type news item with this almost bombshell:

John McCain’s campaign is putting pressure on the organisers of the vice-presidential debate tomorrow night to go easy on Sarah Palin amid growing alarm that faltering performances in recent days have made her an object of public ridicule.

Ok, on its own its quite funny. The Republican campaign managers are worried Palin is an embarrassment. Can you blame them? Amazingly, it gets worse:

Nancy Pfotenhauer, a senior campaign strategist for Mr McCain, has asked for fewer questions than might be expected on foreign policy in the debate. Pointing out that Mr Biden – chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations – would have an advantage on such issues, she said that the clash should at least be evenly balanced with domestic concerns. “The moderators will have some questions to answer themselves if they do go so heavy [on] foreign policy.”

Take a minute to read that. The Republican candidate for Vice-President, someone who would be expected to lead America in the event the President couldn’t, needed a campaign strategist to beg for special treatment in a debate.

Seriously? Is this really true? By Thor it is shocking.

Equally strange, the campaign strategist fully admits the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate has an advantage with regards to foreign policy. They fully admit the Democrat knows more about foreign policy. How in Asgard’s name can Palin be a serious candidate? I really love the (not-so-)veiled threat at the end.

Surely the idea of a Vice-President who has no idea about foreign policy, even if they are somewhat up to speed on domestic issues, is madness? No matter how isolationist you want to be, you still need to have a foreign policy!

Ironically, she isn’t that hot on domestic issues either:

CBS is said to be planning to broadcast further segments of the interview in which she was apparently unable to name any Supreme Court judgments other than the Roe vs Wade ruling on abortion. An aide said that there was no fumbling on this question, merely silence.

Stop it. You’re killing me. This so has to be a joke.

Its interesting that the only judgement she knows about it is about abortion. Does this show she has spent her entire political career campaigning on a certain issue? Has she used her “faith” to get where she is? I would call her a one-trick pony, but I doubt she can manage that one trick.

Even the attempts to defend her are funny:

Mitt Romney, who narrowly missed becoming the vice-presidential nominee, is among those who think Mrs Palin has been overly schooled – losing spontaneity and confidence as a result. “I think they’d be a lot wiser to let Sarah Palin be Sarah Palin,” he said. Advisers said that many people would be appalled at the sneering towards her, and opponents patronised Mrs Palin at their peril. “She continues to be a huge asset who speaks directly to the middle American voter that the media so often ignore,” one source said.

I think being overly-schooled is the least of Sarah Palin’s problems. How, by Odin’s beard a potential Vice-President could be less educated is beyond me.

This leads me to a question for “middle America”: Are you really so stupid that this woman appeals to you? Do you base your votes, not on policies or ability, but by someone’s ability to “speak directly to you“? Aren’t you ashamed that the Republicans think you are this stupid that Palin speaks directly to you? (If you aren’t, you should be…)

There is an excellent quote from Palin towards the end of the article:

[Referring to the debate with Biden] She emphasised how long he [Biden] had been a Washington insider, saying: “I’ve been hearing about his Senate speeches since I was in, like, second grade.”

This is an attempt at an insult, when McCain is her running mate….

Well, it seems obvious to me now that McCain / Palin are a stand up comedy act that has been a bit too subtle for people to realise. The Republicans have realised they have zero chance of winning the election so have presented two fall-guy candidates, who will take the heat of their next candidate (and absolve them from having to pick either a woman or an old age pensioner next time). Sadly, though, this all says Palin was the best female they could find. Shame on you. If I was a woman, I’d be insulted that they thought she would appeal to my “demographic.”

No post can reference Times Online without looking at the comments. This is already long, so I will keep it short.

“Payne” from Honolulu seems to have trouble getting their words out:

Commentator’s especially not so appealing women with a chip on their shoulders are so jealous of Sarah Palin they are ready to stab her in the eye every chance they get.. Tne news matron Couric was oosing with jealousy. Hopefully, the Moose hunting gun is loaded and ready for Washington.

I really have no idea what this is supposed to say, but I am sure the last sentence could be construed as a criminal threat…

“Scot Benowitz” from Rye, New York has this to say:

In Nov. 1988 we elected Bush/ Quayle here-
Anybody remember such brilliant Quayle statements as “It isn’t pollution that’s harming the environment. It’s the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.”
Republican voters don’t look for knowledge of the world or eloquence in a VP candidate

Sadly, very true. It seems the Republicans look for retardation, ignorance and stupidity in a VP candidate. They dont aim much higher for the Presidential candidate either.

Come the elections, we will see the truth of the statement that in a democracy, the people get the government they deserve. Truly, if a majority of Americans are willing to vote for McCain/Palin, you deserve them.

10 thoughts on “Palin – Joke or legitimate candidate?

  1. Some people will vote Republican if the candidate was a dead fish.

    To be fair, some would vote Democrat in the same case.

    Actually a dead fish would be better than McPalin, since a dead fish won’t deregulate banks and won’t start new wars or authorize troops for existing ones, etc. But doing nothing is the Libertarian party’s dominion.

    Anyway, the diehard figure no matter who is the candidate, the core principles will be sound: tax cuts for the rich and for corporations, strong worldwide military might and will to use it, deregulation of most businesses, hedge against social permissiveness.

    Which is why the last few Republican leaders have been empty sheets… it doesn’t matter who the person is — in fact, the less substantive the better, because the more pliable they will be to the party establishment (neocons / PNAC / John Birch).

  2. PS I’m generally impressed at how overseas blogs like this one are attentive to the US election. I’m sure it would take a few tries to find an American in a crowd that could tell you for example who the UK PM is. Heck, it’d be as hard to find someone who knows who the Canadian PM is.

  3. K – Thanks for your comments.

    It is hard for us to ignore the US election (believe me I have tried) as not only do we get it shoved down our throats in every news bulletin (and I watch a lot of news) but there is the very real problem of America being the worlds Superpower – your President has an awful lot of impact on the rest of us.

    Sadly, my last sentence isn’t quite true. Not only will the American people have to suffer if they vote McCain/Palin, but so will the rest of us. Maybe we should be allowed a vote 🙂

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  5. `This leads me to a question for “middle America”: Are you really so stupid that this woman appeals to you? Do you base your votes, not on policies or ability, but by someone’s ability to “speak directly to you“?’

    Umm … yes, they are. They really are. Not just America, but ‘middle-just-about-anywhere’. We had 10 years of Howard for the very same reason, `being decisive’ and systematically attacking any thoughtful input as `elitist’. Plenty of people just love that bullshit. And they get to vote!

    He’s another gem from the interview if you haven’t yet seen it.

    The mind boggles … well, except with all those kids, and the stories of her vindictive scheming. That probably didn’t leave any time to read newspapers or dabble in any of that high-falutin book-learnin’ guff.

  6. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with this post. And I agree with K above; people will vote for her regardless of her abilities simply because she’s on the Republican ticket.

    I think it’s valid to argue that she was chosen as McCain’s VP simply because of the PR she brings to the table. Let’s face it, McCain is the “dead fish” mentioned by K (at least when compared to Obama). He needed a little spice in his campaign. Is Palin the sort of spice he needed? In the end the answer will be no because at the rate that she’s self destructing, even the die hard Republicans will be questioning their vote.

    At any rate, good post.

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  9. To be fair to Palin, she does have financial experience as she’s lived quite close to a bank. But I’ll admit if it’s human rights and financial responsibilty you want she’s probably not your first choice.

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