Bush finally made a good decision

Wisdom and a desire to avert a full-blown Third World War aren’t characteristics normally associated with George Bush. So it was a shock – but an enormous relief – to see that Bush’s refusal to go along with an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities seems to have saved the world for a bit longer at least.

The Guardian reported today that

Israel asked US for green light to bomb nuclear sites in Iran
US president told Israeli prime minister he would not back attack on Iran, senior European diplomatic sources tell Guardian

The Guardian article says that

the US position was unlikely to change as long as Bush was in office

(That’s not very long then.)

4 thoughts on “Bush finally made a good decision

  1. Yes, indeed.
    Even if the accursed McCain gets in, the sane decision may stick, given that the USA looks likely to be several billion dollars short of the cash for a new set of wars for a good while.

  2. Not very long, indeed!

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