The Scientific Method

(hat tip: post by SurfinSeaOtter on FSTDT)

5 thoughts on “The Scientific Method

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  2. As much as I loath creationism. I feel this comic was rather ironic in it’s portrayal of the scientific method. As far as I was aware, the scientific method involved creating a hypothesis, and then devising experimental studies to test the validity of that hypothesis. Trying to derive a model based on data has massive problems.

  3. Please tell the McCain/Palin Campaign (preferrably politely) why teaching creationism in our public schools around America is superstitious and is not in our nation’s best interests. These are the feelers McCain has out there, the way in which Americans can have a voice and be heard by his campaign:

    Contact his campaign directly here:

    Or go to his blogs and leave a polite message about the subject matter wherever appropriate:

    Remember, McCain does a lot of things right and is a great heroic war veteran who genuinely puts his country first, but Creationism is one key area where he is completely wrong and could potentially create a major setback for American students and businesses. We can’t let America fall behind foriegn countries in the departments of Science and Technology because of his superstitious beliefs.

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