God does it again

The world’s heaviest man has lost body weight equivalent to a couple of adult males. Guess who’s responsible? Well, God, of course.

Alongside his copy of the Guinness World Records lies another text, The Bible.
“I have Claudia, my mother and God to thank,” said Manuel. “I am happy.”

You’d think a conceptual ruler of the universe would have better things to do than supervise an individual’s diet, but he must be working in his usual mysterious ways.

However, I’m afraid that the notionally all-powerful one might have been falling down badly in his new cosmic personal training role, to let Manuel Arribe get to weigh half a tonne in the first place.

2 thoughts on “God does it again

  1. If Americans in the Bible Belt are any indication, God seems to prefer fatties.

    Even though I’m an atheist, I’m keeping the weight up just to hedge my bets. Maybe I should increase my intake of Big Macs (now at zero), bottles of Bud (also now at zero), and lard straight from the can (maybe a bit higher than zero).

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