A wise rabbi

Rabbi Jonathon Romain wrote a piece in the Guardian against faith schools. This is an unusual view for a minister of a major religion to present. So, a big cheer from this blog.

His argument refers to the danger of isolating children from others of different backgrounds, which he sees as socially divisive:

There is a real danger that the growth in faith schools today will be blamed in 30 years’ time for the social disharmony then. It is not too late to reverse that trend, if we want a society that has diversity within unity, not at the expense of it.”

2 thoughts on “A wise rabbi

  1. Kudos to the Rabbi. He seems to understand that secularism is a means by which people of different faiths can agree upon common social values and live side by side; it is the best way devised thus far to protect religious freedom. Unfortunately, there are some who want neither secularism nor religious freedom. They prefer a state in which only those who subscribe to particular religious creeds are free while outsiders “benefit” from their “benevolent” influence. What a sickening bunch of losers.

  2. This is one of the things that turned me off from Christianity: how so many religions refused to consider anything outside of their own core beliefs.

    Congrats to Rabbi Jonathon Romain. If he goes out, takes in different points of view and still maintains his own religion, good for him! At least he didn’t seal himself away from the world with a bunch of like-minded people.

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