Yet more blogs listed

I still don’t know if this actually works to bump up Technorati’s rankings but I’m posting the last instalment of barefoot bum’s list, in the main page body so they aren’t in a Technorati-invisible sidebar.

I suspect that all this does is make Technorati think this blog is a spamblog … But you could forgive any search engine for reaching that conclusion from the number of times Akismet shows content from here has been duplicated on some comically inappropriate blog-content-stealing aggregator. (Usually attributed to some invented individual author or invented blog, although I can never decide if that’s better or worse. )

A Poetic Justice
Affable Atheist
Anatolian Storms
And, yes, I DO take it personally
Andre’s Verse
APJ Newsletter
Army of Dude
Ben Heine – Cartoons
BFD Blog!
Big Tent Democrat @ Talkleft
Blazing Indiscretions
Blind In Texas
Blue Girl, Red State
Blue Musings
Coffee House Studio
Cut to the Chase
Daily Scare
Decline and Fall
Dr. X’s Free Associations
Dystopian USA
Echoing Voices Against War
Fire on the Mountain
Gold Star Mom Speaks Out
Green Left Infoasis
Happening Here
Intrepid Liberal Journal
Invictus: A blog on U.S. Politics and the Fight Against Torture
Iraq Newsladder
Iraq Today
Iraq Update
Left End of the Dial
Left Wing Nut Job
Left-Handed Elephant
Lost Chord
Lotus – Surviving a Dark Time
Making The World Safe For Hypocrisy
March 19 Iraq War Blogswarm
Meteor Blades @ Daily Kos
Michael Leon: MAL Contends
Michigan Class Notes
Middle Earth Journal
My Buffalo River Home
My Thinking Spot
No Rest for the Awake – Minagahet Chamorro
OCD Gen X Liberal
Pissed On Politics
Poetryman Productions
Poets for Peace
Real’s World
San Francisco Impeach Now!
Screaming In An Empty Room
Sirens Chronicles
The Anti-War Theatre
The Art of Peace
The Consumer Trap
The Existentialist Cowboy
The Liberal Doomsayer
The Liberal Journal
The Mandarin
The Motley Patriot
The New Fatigue Press
The Newshoggers
The ORIGIN Playhouse
The Osterley Times
The Paragraph
The Peace Tree
Truthiness – News From The Gut
Uppity Wisconsin
Varied Video
Watching Those We Chose
Welcome to the Revolution
Whispers from the Wild
Worldwide Sawdust
Wounded Times
WWJV4 ~ Who Would Jesus Vote For?

5 thoughts on “Yet more blogs listed

  1. T_W:

    Thanks for fixing the broken page. (D’oh)

    I suspect that putting the overlong list after the fold makes it invisible to Technorati anyway though.

  2. I’ve been trying something a bit different. After each post I add an alphebetical list of my blog roll. I end the post (whatever it may be) with this- “Rolling along “A”… the next post at the end of it I add “Rolling along “B”… I am not sure if it making a difference rather than the full blogroll at the end of a post, but this is certainly spreading the love on each post I publish and it might be working in Technocrati. Not sure, but it is my method. So for the next unknown days, years, etc I will be adding a “Rolling along “C” or “Z” or whatever letter is due in the next post(s).

    Just saying…

  3. That is a bit ambiguous… After the “Rolling along “A”… I of course add the links in my blogroll that correspond with the letter. I didn’t want you to think I was just leaving a letter. That’d be silly! :>)


  4. Poetryman

    Thanks. That’s a much better idea of course.

    I suspect we’re probably too lazy to post a few links every time we post but I’ll try.

    I am doubly downcast at the workings of Technorati right now, as I see that the latest links it claims this blog has are all complete content-robbing spam.

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