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Somebody PLEASE tell me how you can get a job where your employers don’t miss 4.9 billion Euros. ($7,156,009,000 according to

The Times story is headlined

Jerome Kerviel named in €5bn bank trading fraud
The French bank Société Générale stunned financial markets today by revealing that it had been the victim of a near-€5 billion (£3.7 billion) rogue trading fraud,

In the UK, Northern Rock also managed to lose a good few billion pounds without apparently noticing anything amiss. Now the tax payer is making up the shortfall, although for some mysterious financial logic it seems that benefiting Virgin is the appropriate way to sort this out….

Thefts of that order beggar belief. The CIA factbook puts the UK GDP per person at 318,000 US Dollar i.e 217,760 Euros, according to Wikipedia (yeah, yeah, this isn’t a University paper, ok?) That means, if I am interpreting a billion Euros correctly that the French bank lost the annual income of about 22,502 UK citizens. Or, alternatively, an amount that the average UK citizen would expect to pass through their hands if they lived 22,502 years.

US citizens are better off than UK citizens. The lost/stolen sum would only cover the annual income of 155,565 US citizens. According to Wikipedia, the world’s richest country, is Luxembourg. It would only cover the annual income of 88,564 Luxembourg residents. But then again, it would cover the annual income of 11,926,682 Malawi citizens….

So tell me again, please, how do I get a job where I can make off with this sort of money..

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