Death by chocolate

The UK population spent £8 million pounds on chocolate fountains, last year.

You didn’t misread that. The Guardian says so, anyway, on the basis of a report by GfK Marketing Services (Guardian G2 print, page 10. Cant be bothered to look online for a reference sorry. You’ll have to take my word for it. It is obviously deeply spurious, but for the purposes of a rant, I am going to treat it as if it were fact.)

Could a kitchen gadget scream “pre-revolutionary French aristocracy” more loudly than that?

Rephrasing an old quotation (that I am too idle to reference right now) “A kitchen chocolate fountain is the universe’s way of telling you that you have WAY WAY too much money.”

Plus I would add “And if you have bought one, please cull yourself now, for the good of the species’ gene pool ……”

3 thoughts on “Death by chocolate

  1. Well, now I feel guilty. I guess I’ll have to donate one of my chocolate fountains to charity. Shall it be the milk chocolate one or the dark chocolate one?

    By the way, can you find someone to peel this grape for me.

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