TV nanny sent to naughty step

It gives me no pleasure to report that Channel 4 are investigating the qualifications of its TV nanny, according to Guardian.. Well, OK. I lied. Yes it does. It gives me huge pleasure. 🙂

This woman has been on television giving horrific instructions to parents about leaving babies to cry and limiting cuddle time to ten minutes a day. And so on. Fashions change drastically in how to relate to your children. The 1930s “Truby King” style neglect is the most pernicious parenting fashion ever.

New parents are scared and open to any outside influences that claim to have the answer to their difficulties. TV experts that seem to have a simple answer are an obvious resource for people who may not have friends or family who can help. Sadly, these answers are s^ite. It is dog-training for humans.

So. Wahay. It’s great to see yet another spurious telly “expert” on life have the basis of their expertise challenged. (Cf Gillian McKeith, et al.) Let’s see the TV nanny sent to her room, please.

One thought on “TV nanny sent to naughty step

  1. What is disturbing is the closing paragraph:

    The channel’s spokeswoman added: “We are looking into them [the qualifications] … We got her background information from her agent and we realised some of those were erroneous soon after we released information about Ms Verity. As soon as we realised this, we withdrew the information … we would like to make it clear you do not need any formal qualification to practise as a maternity nurse.”

    The safety of babies doesn’t seem to be the issue. The qualification or otherwise is utterly irrelevant. It’s whether the advice is safe and whether the assurances of safety from someone who appears to have falsified her past can be trusted that matters.

    Channel Four gives the impression that it really isn’t that bothered about whether or not its documentaries are factual, just so long as they’re talked about.

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