Out of body science

According to the BBC, Science reports that UCL researchers have given volunteers out of body experiences in the lab, by messing about with their visual cues.

The volunteers wore VR goggles that projected a view of their own backs. When the resarchers stroked their backs with a pen

The volunteers reported that the sensation seemed to be caused by the pen on their virtual back, rather than their real back, making them feel as if the virtual body was their own rather than a hologram.

I said, “according to the BBC”, because, rather disappointingly, neither UCL nor Science seem to actually have any report on their sites.

Which makes me suspect that I have been tricked into believing I’m following visual cues (well, alright then, hyperlinks) that I’ve linked to the UCL and Science websites whereas really I am sitting in the next room wearing VR glasses.

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  1. Heather, I’m planning an extensive (for me) look at this issue in the next few days. But in the meantime if you want the article along with a short video showing how the experiment was done, go to Livescience.com.

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