Feral Speech

Following links from the site of Foehammer, because he’d commented pretty threateningly to a post by the blameless hellshandmaiden I was led instantly to this post in the Irish Independent.

Right, if you are UK resident, don’t conjure up a vision of the pleasant smiling British Independent. This is obviously quite a different paper. The post url is http://www.independent.ie/opinion/analysis/
(Was overcome by a strange urge to not actually link there….)

The article by Keven Myers – which meets with MC F**hammer’s approval as a sign that people like him are writing for official mass media – has the title
Forget lily-livered liberalism, time to take stand and say we don’t want Muslim immigrants

I guess you have already got the flavour of this post. The clue’s in the title. In fact, it is, if possible, more offensive than the headline suggests, so I’m not going to repeat any of this stuff here.

Hmm. Ignoring the content, with a shudder, I thought “Surely this is illegal?” The Commission for Racial Equality is about to be subsumed into some Diversity Ministry, but it does still exist. There are definitely still laws against stirring up people against minorities in the UK. (I’m not saying this is definitely the solution or that a prosecution would do any good. It would probably just make people like this feel martyred and persecuted and make them even more dangerous … hmm, this argument sounds familar from when I was posting about the cartoon demonstration arrests….)

Maybe they don’t have hate-crime laws in Ireland?

Light bulb comes on above my head

Ahha, so maybe that’s why he published this stuff in Ireland?

Hmm, Ireland, with its massive displaced Muslim population? Not. When on earth did this Muslim immigration to Ireland take off? I suspect that the percentage of the Irish population of Pakistani, Bangladeshi or North African origin is minute (Don’t make me Google the Irish Census.)

So, let’s look directly at this article and say “Hmm, targetted at the UK, then. But he hasn’t got the face to publish this here because he knows he would be prosecuted”

Now, I guess you are thinking “Kevin Myers? Traditional Irish name. Must be a local lad. Why would he even think of publishing in England?”

Well, Kev is no stranger to the higher reaches of UK publishing, either. And, in case you think I got a Dublin broth of a boy confused with some Oxbridge-graduate journalist, this is the title of a piece in the UK’s Daily Telegraph a paper widely seen as a “quality” daily.

I wish I had kicked Susan Sontag

And this appears to be an obituary, ffs. It was written a week after her death and, basically, exults in it.

After sneering at her for being an “intellectual”, he genuinely says that he wished he’d kicked her, basically for being intellectual. He refers to Dr Johnson and Bishop Berkeley to make this seem more of a literary reference than a threat. Can’t say it convinced me. Wasn’t Dr Johnson himself the ultimate 18th century intellectual?

Bear with me here, I am going somewhere with this. He met her in Bosnia, where she was putting on Waiting for Godot.

Meanwhile she ostentatiously disdained us hacks even as she sedulously courted us. It was a grotesque performance. My real mistake was not radioing her co-ordinates to the Serb artillery, reporting that they marked the location of Bosnian heavy armour. My own life would have been a cheap price to pay.

Funny you should say that Kev.

Because Bosnia, Kosovo et al also come into this blog, pretty well by accident. I’ve started to notice how free fanatical anti-Muslim folk are making with the-bits-of-former-Yugolavia story. And not in a good way.

Quick history lesson. What happened in the-bits-of-former-Yugoslavia in the late 1990s? Attempted Anti-Muslim genocide. Well not actually “genocide”, because these people were all pre-war neighbours – Yugoslavs – of very similar genetic background. The word will have to do though. I’m less than happy with using the “ethnic cleansing” eupemism of the time.

So, I think you can assume that mentions of Serbia or Bosnia are in themselves calculated to cause actual fear in Muslims.

Well, on the site of the bafflingly monikered 1389, who is right in there with MC FoeHammer in growling at hellshandmaiden, I see the full flower of this in the signatures to a petition.
This take sup about a third of the blog,
List of signatories
Notice that most names that are not publicly anonymous carry the surname of a Serbian leader &/or war criminal. (Maybe these are just very common names in Serbia. My point stands)

There are two possible explanations. The far-fetched one is that the members of hate-dynasties are just instinctively drawn to this sort of thing, as flies are to excrement. And are all given to reading blogs in English and signing US petitions … Hmm.

The second one is that the people adding names here have deliberately used the names of genocidal Serbs. Even on the most charitable interpretation – that it’s what passes for a joke in these circles – it’s going to cause fear to Muslims. It certainly strikes the fear in me and I’m an atheist.

MC F**Hammer told hellshandmaiden to remember 1938. Oh look. “1389”. Phew, I can stop googling 1389 to find out if it’s a word in some impenetrable new version of l33t. It’s an anagram of 1938. I have to hand it to them as the first time I’ve ever seen a number turned into an anagram. Well, except for people trying to store phone numbers secretly. Surely they aren’t trying to hide the 1938 reference.

Well, what happened in 1938? Buggar, my school History lessons are so out of date. I learned History before the GCSE syllabus was mostly about the Third Reich, so I can’t be certain. Well, I can’t be more than remotely certain. Reichstag Fire? Krystallnacht? Invading the Sudentenland? Annexing Austria? I don’t know lads. You tell us.

By the way, I am not saying these people are connected and I’m not building a conspiracy theory out of it. I am just picking a few threads from the Web.

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  1. I agree, Heather, that it falls short of a conspiracy theory. Just the same, fine bit of internet sleuthing and analysis. Keep digging. You never know… and these sort are worth blogging about regardless.

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