Are you trying to be funny?

Wow. Is this, like, totally, serendipity or what?

I was sent a link to a May 2005 paper on APA site, about brain-lesions that stop people recognising sarcasm At the same time I get a link to Baptists for Brownback and their take on the Scarlet Letter.

Even here in Yoorp – where Southern baptists often seem crazed beyond our wildest imagining, so it’s hard to distinguish parody from reality – it’s obvious that this is a pretty blatant spoof site. There are posts with titles like “Update: Some kilt-wearing men might be heterosexual after all.” It is really funny.

Also, some comments on the Scarlet A post are double funny. There are some commenters, atheists and believers alike, in whose brains the sarcasm-detecting function seems to have completely atrophied.

Some atheist responses seem so stupid that I suspect that they were in on the joke and just playing an “outraged atheist” part. For a laugh. Though by that time, the joke is getting too abstract to be comedy and may have achieved high art.

I start to assume Pharyngula has masterminded the whole thing anyway. He has posted this on his site, gathering a collection of outraged responses, even after almost the first comment points out it’s a joke.

The Christian responses tend twoards being so off the wall that most are obviously sarcastic. I naturally assume this is a spoof post:

# Connie Mack Says:
What I see is a whole bunch of satan worshipers coming here to try and steal the souls of Christians. Guess what? You are SOL because we are born again in the Blood of the Christ you don’t believe in – yet. In case you are too ignorant to read this is a Baptist website which mneans that we are saved. So your hate speech won’t be tolerated here.

But it links to a real site “CWA” which I’m absolutely not putting a link to. I have no reason to believe it’s real, other than someone else’s authority (and they were guessing). It’s actually noticeably much more ludicrous than the Baptists for Brownback.

Don’t make me mention looking glasses again, please.

3 thoughts on “Are you trying to be funny?

  1. The comment was sincere, as was the CWA site. It just goes to show how far gone some people are here, in the US. Just hope it never gets that bad in the UK.

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