Fear, uncertainty and more fear

It is no wonder people are getting more and more worried about global terrorism. By the grace of Toutatis I stumbled upon a website titled “Global Incident Map Displaying Terrorist Acts, Suspicious Activity, and General Terrorism News.” Looking at this, you can see why some Americans would be loathe to leave their houses…

To show you what I mean, I took a screenshot…

Screenshot of Global Incident Map

This is amazing. On first look it seems like the US is undergoing a slew of bombers and poisoners – however when you look into the information most are just news items about people mentioning terrorism. There is the occasional unrelated link (canadian man carries knife onto plane etc) and some real incidents – such as the French shooting a man dead on a train station because he looked suspicious (wow! Even if I would ever consider travelling to France, I wont now..).

What an amazing way to spread fear of terrorism (does that even make sense?) in the general public. Amazing. [tags]Terrorism, Terror, Internet, Society, Culture, Fear, Google Maps, Google Mashup[/tags]

2 thoughts on “Fear, uncertainty and more fear

  1. “What an amazing way to spread fear of terrorism (does that even make sense?)”

    It does for those who wish to control us. Reason diminishes in inverse proportions to the rise in fear. People will (and have) given up their constitutional rights because of it.

    When that happens – game, set, match – Terrorists.

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