Wow, Christians really are weird…

As a result of growing up with an entirely secular background, in (at the time anyway) the very secular United Kingdom, there is a large part of me which refuses to accept that people like the posters on Teens4Christ really exist. This part of me is convinced they are just trolls, or kids who are living out a fantasy life which is a sanitised version of Dungeons and Dragons or the like.

By chance, following a link on FSTDT, I came across a thread which purports to be a poll asking atheists what they would do if they were possessed by demons. Seriously. The choices given were basically exorcism & convert to Christianity, exorcism but don’t convert, no exorcism and become friends with the demon/devil and no exorcism but don’t become friends. The choices, if honestly presented, give a scary insight into the mind of the “teen” who made this post. Bring back D&D, that’s all I can say…

To highlight my point about the sheer off-the-wall nutjobbery, this is what the conversation degenerated to: First a post by Esther:

oh my goodness I just heard on the news that a man was caught choking a three year-old girl and I guess they were doing an exerocism on her. thats so awful! I know demons are real but whenever someone says they see an angel or demon I always think there crazy. angels appeared to people all the time in the olden days in the bible so I shouldnt think that but would you guys believe if you heard someone on the news who said an angel talked to them?

And then Follower (who initiated the thread) replies with:

That’s what’s tough about Demon possessions. You have to make sure the person doesn’t have a mental condition first. Otherwise, Holy water and chanting won’t help.

Mentalists. I can only assume this is a debate between pre-teens in the manner of how secular kids will discuss if Ninjas can fight Batman. (Reassuringly, later on Follower states he is not yet of college age, hopefully some education will eventually rub off on him.)

Sadly, there is one poster, rch10007 apparently adult and mature enough to be an admin there, who seems to demonstrate that there is little chance this “younglings” will change with age. [tags]Logical Fallacy, Logic, Philosophy, Society, Culture, Atheism, Christianity, Belief, God, Anti-Atheist, Exorcism, Demons, D&D, Role Playing Games, Dungeons and Dragons, Fantasy, Ninjas, Madness, Woo, Nonsense, Weird, Possession, Catholic, Hatstand[/tags]

8 thoughts on “Wow, Christians really are weird…

  1. What is your goal/purpose in this website?? As a devout Christian, I am just curious as to the exact points you are trying to make. Did I miss something?

  2. The exact goal is to highlight logical inconsistencies and fallacies, as well as put forth the point of view shared by its authors. Each post has it’s own purpose though – are you asking about them all or just this one?

    Why do you ask? What other posts have you read which have confused the issue?

  3. The only thing really weird about “Christians” is that many of them sugarcoat or ignore Scripture that has become “unpopular” (homo’s being an abomination, non-Christians burning in Hell, etc). This is unacceptable. Now, onto a beautiful Message…

    The first part of this Message sounds harsh. But the truth of the matter is that anyone who has lied is a liar, anyone who has ever stolen is a thief, anyone who has lusted after another woman has commited adultery in his heart. It’s just a fact. Man is a sinful, wicked, and lowly creature undeserving of an Eternity with our Lord and Saviour.

    But the really beautiful aspect of Christianity is that God is merciful. He has given unto us His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who died for our Sins. Because of this, we need only to acknowledge our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and accept His precious Gift by repenting. Think about it. By accepting Jesus and repenting, we avoid our Just damnation and get a free ticket to Eternal Paradise. It’s an easy choice, and I will pray that all of you will make the right one.

    Take care, and God bless,

  4. Follower – thanks for your comment.

    I am going to restrain myself a bit here, but I do have to ask one thing. Out of the large set of things which I can’t get my head round, one stands out – the concept of “just damnation” and gods requirement for humanity to beg forgiveness for things they, basically, haven’t done.

    Personally, looking forward to an eternal paradise full of people whose ideas are completely alien to me does not sound in the slightest bit appealing.

  5. A little scary, that people actually still believe this guff, but I had to say this line cracked me up, “That’s what’s tough about Demon possessions. You have to make sure the person doesn’t have a mental condition first. Otherwise, Holy water and chanting won’t help.”

    Only the last two sentences are anywhere near sane. And it seems he got his anti-Demon info from the Exorcist.

    I also love the third and fourth options:

    “3. I would refuse the Exorcism and make friends with the Demon.
    4. I would refuse the Exorcism, but I would not make friends with the Demon. ”

    It’s just the option of making friends or not with the Demon. It’s like one of those old text RPGs.

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