Is this fine art?

Short one – I am curious about the concept of “fine art” and how it relates to photography.

Now as “disclosure” I am as artistic as a box of elephants and can barely comprehend what “art” is, let alone what would count as “fine art.” However, looking around a bit, it strikes me that any old tosh, turned black and white with the contrast upped a bit seems to count.

In that vein, can I ask for some feedback regarding these two pictures. Do they count as fine art?

Fine Art or not? Picture one.Fine Art or not? Picture two.

All comments welcomed!

EDIT: I should update this to clarify, I am not asking if you think the pictures are “good” or not, I am trying to work out what “fine art” means. I still haven’t managed this…

4 thoughts on “Is this fine art?

  1. Ant “Art” definition would get bogged down in a couple of thousand years of art and social history.
    In any case, the definition would be like totally subjective. Beautiful pictures, so they count as art.
    High contrast, interesting forms, good detail, so they should also count as arty. šŸ™‚

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