Well Done National Trust

Well, this blog is very quick to complain when we get bad customer service or encounter jobsworth staff. As a result, it is only fair for us to mention the times when people, for what ever reason, are helpful and encourage return service.

Today, as a “family” day out we went to visit a National Trust site. Now there were four adults and two small children – however we only had three National Trust memberships (kids go free). As we arrived at the site (a fairly low-profile one), the man staffing the entrance would have been fully expected to us for one adult (£3.50). As it turned out, he was a nice and kind enough person that he decided not to charge the almost petty sum today. A trivial task, but this is something which had the knock on effect of encouraging enough good will that the dissenter bought annual membership, we spent a small fortune in the gift shop and will be certain to revisit the site.

I am, actually, a big fan of ruthless capitalism but I also think it has its place. By taking the gamble and risking £3.50 this attendant managed to generate many times that for the National Trust. Add to that, the site was beautiful and the weather surprisingly nice, and I’ve had quite a good start to the day

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2 thoughts on “Well Done National Trust

  1. In fact, the actions of the NT employee, being empowered to take the decision to generate customer loyalty and good will show ruthless capatalism in action.

    The converse, is the statist attitude of the “jobsworth” employee who sticks to the rules and quotas.

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