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This blog was tagged by atheist perspective I’ve shamelessly lifted an explanation of what that means from the atheist perspective site, which is excellent by the way.

We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
– Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
– People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
– At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
– Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Well part A is completed with minimal effort. Clearly the next stage must have to be the 8 random facts. Argh, 8 things about us that we wouldn’t mind going on the net – but are actually interesting enough to post. Damn that rules out almost anything I could put here….

Hmmm…. hmmm…..

  1. Between us we have lived on or visited 5 continents. Antartica is one of the two we’ve never been to, although one of us has been close enough to swim in it’s waters. (Yes, it really is as cold as you would imagine).
  2. Between us we speak – to a standard ranging from fluent (English) to pathetically halting (well, the others) – 5 languages and can make sense of a couple more with babelfish’s help. Oh yes, 5 languages Plus Latin.
  3. One of us genuinely believes the Wire is the major artwork of the 21st century. This is a minority viewpoint in every sense, even on the blog.
  4. We train with weights, more or less every day. One of us even got a certificate that will pay out thousands if anyone he trains gets injured, The other one has long been planning to enlist him as her personal trainer and do something spectacularly stupid…
  5. One of us has become obsessed with taking photographs and keeps getting better and better digital cameras every few months. And the pictures are getting better all the time as well.
  6. One of us refuses to accept any limitations, no matter how glaringly obvious, and hence persists in thinking she can do 3d graphics, despite the evidence of the senses.
  7. Terry Pratchett remains the one author we agree 100% over and have obsessively read every book produced. (Not all good though- the “actual” sci-fi books are poo and the science companion is distressing)
  8. CSS design is soundly despised by every one who has anything to do with this blog. Even their pets hate CSS.

Choosing 8 blogs was no easy task either. There were obvious choices – like nullifidian – who have probably already been tagged within an inch of their lives so would just get pissed off. However, I sprinkled my fairy dust over the atheist blogroll and found some worthy, if less familiar, contenders.

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8 thoughts on “Tagged by Atheist Perspective

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  2. There were obvious choices – like nullifidian – who have probably already been tagged within an inch of their lives so would just get pissed off.

    Hardly. I was tagged once, didn’t get around to doing anything about it within 24 hours, then was tagged again.

    Frankly, I’d have welcomed the attention! 😉

    Saying that, by the time I’d got around to choosing 8 blogs, I found that most of the atheosphere (well, the little bit of it that I frequent) had already been tagged to buggery.

    P.S. Both you and your pets are wrong about CSS: you just need to know how to browbeat it into submission. Yes, I’m looking at you Internet Explorer.

    P.P.S. Where can one watch The Wire? Does one need to abuse t’intarweb to do so?

  3. No- its on FX which is still on Telewest( do’h Virgin) They are supposed to be showing the lot from series one on in July

    (There will be one more series in the autumn)

    Though the web is always a good alternative 🙂

  4. Love the atheosphere word.

    Atheist Perspective had your blog in its list of tagged when it tagged this one, so I thought that was it….

    Shit, forgot to count to 100…

  5. FX, I’m not sure I have that… (checks) seemingly I do! Well, that’s a new one on me! Ta! 🙂

    Love the atheosphere word.

    I’m sure someone came up with it before me… (yes, they did). I’m as original as I am cute. 😉

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