Penultimate Dr Who – Blimey

Oddly there is not very much I can say about this weeks Dr Who. It was excellent, a proper “edge of the seat” type episode with surprisingly good acting. Even Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) has won me over and I’ve lost the urge to vomit every time he speaks.

As the story (and this series) concludes next week, I am largely lost for things to say. I have no idea what the little flying baddies are, and while they were the weakest part of the story they didn’t take away from the overall quality. Well done to the BBC and Russell T Davies. I just wish, I really wish, they could try to keep the doctor away from London, 2007. It is getting annoying now.

Overall, this series (especially the last few episodes) has been fantastic. The stories (largely) have been compelling enough to keep adults and children watching. There is enough tension to make them mildly scary without relying on the gore that “adult” horror relies on (can you ever look at scarecrows or statues in the same way?).

It really will be a shame when the series finishes next week. Shame on the BBC for such a short season. David Tennant may even be a match for Tom Baker…

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8 thoughts on “Penultimate Dr Who – Blimey

  1. Well, when Christopher Eccleston was the Doctor, I thought “He is the best Doctor ever”, and it took me till almost the end of the second series of the new Who to change my mind about that. I now think David Tennant is the best there has ever been. And that’s saying something, because until now I didn’t think there was any Doctor as good as John Pertwee!

  2. John Pertwee!!!!

    Did you not watch Tom Baker? He ran rings round Pertwee, who admittedly was the second best doctor ever. (We will avoid mentioning the dismal post-Baker doctors…)

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