Judge a book by its cover?

Thanks to Nullifidian’s tumblelog for this link. The Zeitgeist movie is a piece of video linking religious myths to their sources in astrology. It’s mostly brilliant and thought-provoking.

Also, by way of a comment on Nullifidian’s recent very well-observed post about the different US and UK dust jackets on the same atheist books (somehow, I can’t even find a commenting facility any more), there must also be some mileage in the choice of font/typeface – serif in the UK, non-serif in the US.

I could start rambling on about what this suggests the jacket designers are implying about the books’ content- measured and authoritative classical philosophy in the UK serif book jackets; punchy no-nonsense debunking in the US sans serif.

Instead, I will just take off my conceptual hat to someone who actually reads serious philosophical works on public transport (i.e. Nullifidian) rather than listening to the same worn-out mp3 playlist ad infinitum and reading the free bus paper or escapist sci-fi pulp (i.e. me).

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2 thoughts on “Judge a book by its cover?

  1. One thing re Zeitgeist is that part 1 is a fairly decent criticism the idea of a singular biblical messiah. Parts 2 and 3, however, are more 11 September/military industrial complex conspiracy theory stuff, although I will say that there are number of interesting points made.

    And, don’t get me wrong, I listen to MP3s at the same time, which just happens to drown out the mobile-babbling yuppies, whining kids and shout-at-your-deaf-seat-sharing-friend older people. 🙂

    If you can’t find the commenting thing, it’s likely you’re looking at the tumblelog, which doesn’t have one.

  2. I only watched the section that was on your blog, plus read the guy’s comment – that said it was still in progress & he knew some was a bit dubious and was stripping those bits. So I sort of mentally excused the stuff I thought was spurious. I’m not sure if there’s more on the original site – though I’ll look now.

    Sorry, to my embarrassment , I see now that there are comments. It’s been explained to me about clicking the actual post rather than just sreading the page that comes with the URL. D’oh, etc. I may get to grips with the complexity of modern tech eventually…

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