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It has been a while since I posted some interesting links, so here goes: – visual representation of how the size of the Earth relates to other structures in the universe. The last image shows just how small the things we think are large, really are. – summary of why Linux is better than windows, as if people needed telling 🙂 – how to boot and run linux from a USB drive. – from “Appeals Court Rules Cops Can Steal Cars and Lie to Victims To Conduct a Warrantless Search” – image of the M42 Nebula in Orion. – information about the worlds religions, surprisingly detailed from what I have read so far and (also so far) does not call Atheism a religion 😀 . – “Banned and Challenged Books” – while interesting in that it shows what books have been “challenged” in the past, it also shows what wingnuts think they can get away with. Is 1984 pro-communist for example? – “How to Detect Lies,” another one of those sites which have a little knowledge on a subject. This is one of the better ones, but it is still for entertainment purposes only. Do not rely on any conclusions you draw using the information here.

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  4. Right … makes sense … I know my simple math spam plugin can be maddening for some people, but it almost totally eliminates my spam comments … I think my problem was I tried to do all the html in my post … I should have just copy/pasted URL’s from my browser bar and let you make the link automatically … next time I will 🙂

    Anyway, I think I’ve put enough links into this comment thread 😉 … cool links, and nice blog ya got here 😉

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