Dr Who’s scary statues

A good and very effectively scary Dr Who tonight.

This episode was a mixture of a traditional Victorian ghost story and the sort of sci-fi that’s about the nature of time rather than about space battles. It had frightening evil angel-statues. Well statues can be frightening.

The nature of time is quite frightening too. It was refreshing to see Dr Who actually doing the timelord thing. He’s supposed to be a Timelord, after all. It’s certainly about time (argh, sorry) he showed it.

Extra geek-pleasing points for the dvd-shop nerdishness. (Which referenced Clerks.) There was a nice bit where the non-love-interest dvd shop man was shouting at the TV screen, with words to the effect of “Just go to the police. Idiot! Why does no one ever go to the police?” We’ve all been there. OK, then, I have…

(And, satisfyingly in narrative terms, she actually did go to the police.)

Also good geek points for the Easter Egg bit – the Doctor’s message hidden as a secret DVD extra.

Minor geek points for there being Internet forums devoted to decoding the interview transcripts.

5 thoughts on “Dr Who’s scary statues

  1. I totally agree. It was very well written and harked back to the “good old days” when films were good and watchable without all manner of CGI effects. Sadly, modern films think throwing in CGI makes up for anything else (e.g. superman returns – the effects are terrible).

    Well done Dr Who. Now PLEASE get out of London. Please. Please. Please.

    Tardis = Time And Relative Dimensions In Space – Not just LONDON.

  2. Yes, that was a rather splendid episode. Just when it starts to get fairly decent, Davies goes and says that he’s not doing any more. Bloody typical.

    Tardis = Time And Relative Dimensions In Space – Not just LONDON.

    Or Cardiff.

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