2 thoughts on “Down-with-the-kids

  1. And the Emperors new clothes came back from the dry cleaners…

    Comically, I watched BBC news this morning about this. “Lord” Coe was banging on as normal about how great it was, how vibrant etc., (obviously he has never seen it). Then the BBC went to a London school and asked loads of kids (about 11 – 12 years old but I can never tell) what they thought of it.

    Every one of them said it was crap.

    Brand designer experts say it is crap.

    Adults say it is crap.

    Obviously Coe’s mate in the design company which spent about 1/10th of a second coming up with this (and I bet NO user studies were carried out) doesn’t mind what they think – he has a new porsche…

    2012 – expensive national embarrassment.

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