Technical Problems

It seems Heathers problems with the crappy service from Virgin Media is not the only issue hitting this blog at the moment. Looking at the stats, it seems an awful lot of people are reading this blog via it’s feed rather than actually visiting the URL.

There seem to be two main options for people getting the feed. It either comes straight from the blogs feed (here) or from the feedburner feed. Recently, although the blogs feed has been working fine and includes all the latest posts, the feedburner one has been showing problems.

When I tried to investigate this, it seems that trying to connect to the blog feed from feedburner returns a server timeout error. This is not apparent why you try to access the feed direct, but also appears when you try to use feedvalidator to check the feed is valid. I find this really, really strange. Does any one have any ideas?

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3 thoughts on “Technical Problems

  1. Hello,

    I had noted, a little time ago, that including your feed, or another one (from another member) in Planet Atheism made the main page work OK, but it made the PA feed timeout as well. I had to program the feed not to include the 2 feeds (they still appeared in the main page, though).

    I should have contacted you, sorry. But I saw it as a technical challenge, and couldn’t resist it. 🙂

    I’ll contact the author of the other problem feed; maybe he’s using that plugin as well. Thanks, and, again, sorry for not contacting you about this.

  2. Pedro, it’s OK – there isn’t really any reason you should have contacted me, the problem was something I had done not you.

    Hopefully it is all sorted now – at least it looks like it from Feedburner.

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