Rational Response Squad Debate

Quick one for people who haven’t checked out Pharyngula recently. PZ Myers has put up a link to some video footage of a debate between the “Rational Response Squad” and Ray Comfort / Kirk Cameron.

It is pretty entertaining footage, for very predictable reasons though. The theists are actually embarrassingly bad at putting their argument forward. After about five or six minutes it becomes painful watching them spout nonsense and revert to book thumping arguments.

If all theists were this inept, religion would have died out long ago. (This is especially true as the RRS are not really putting forward very strong arguments themselves… 🙂 They really did not need to read from scripts so much… )

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3 thoughts on “Rational Response Squad Debate

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  2. I agree that the theists were bad under pressure and not the best debaters, but that proves nothing. However, Sapient’s deep-down belief was proven when he responded on camera to the “crocoduck” photo by saying, “O my God.” Not just “O God,” but “O MY God.” One hypocritical atheist!

  3. There is always the chance you could be reading too much into a turn of phrase. In the west, most people are sufficiently indoctrinated into Christianity that separating theistic phrases out of every day speech is a far from easy task.

    Is it hypocrisy? I remain unconvinced.

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