Christian top ten blogs are really tough to find

So impressed was I by the idea of a top ten Christian blog list together with the idea of Christians pulling stunts to make sure atheists wouldn’t be top that I was forced to google for some evidence of the existence of Christian top ten charts.
This is one top ten I didn’t have patience to look past number one but that was indeed quite interesting. It told me that police in Florida handcuffed and arrested a six-year-old and that this is apparently a normal part of their daily activities. It didn’t seem particularly Christian except for having an intro quote that mentioned God. So disappointment there, when I was looking for comedy ranting.

It even has a post that made a point that I’ve been too cowardly to make here that 500 civilians were killed unremarked in Iraq, when the 33 Virginia Tech deaths were dominating the world’s media….

OK, maybe there’s a fundamentalist top ten that I can rant about? Oh bugger. A Google for top ten fundamenatlist blogs produces a page of links that reference “top ten signs you’re a fundamentalist Christian” which can best be described as self-satirising when it’s referenced by Christians.

I’ll have to go to the one TW mentioned. Phew. That’s a relief. It’s crackpot enough to give Dawkins pages to rant about in an elegant upper-class English way. Plus it’s Catholic, not even fundamentalist, so it doesn’t feel as much like insulting the mentally challenged (which leaves me with a bit of a guilty feeling that stops me ranting when I’ve read some fundamentalist blogs.)

This even has one of those incomprehensible adverts that tells you that clicking a link will feed the hungry. Blimey. Who said the age of miracles wasn’t still with us? “Let them eat clicks”, as Marie Antionette would have said if she was alive in the computer age.

It’s always fascinating to me that there are supposed to be donors who will give money to a charity if you do x or y BUT NOT OTHERWISE. This is mad enough when it’s a sponsored bungee jump or marathon run – you feel that these are set up to collect money only from people who really hate the sponsoee enough to be prepared to pay for them to do themselves some harm. But these internet ones are crazy. Look you tight bastard, if you really want to contribute to a charity, just do it. Don’t make it conditional on me getting RSI.

Anyway, it looks as if almost every religion blog in the running for a Blogger’s Choice Best Religion Blog award is catholic. I would say “every” one but being too idle/irritated to scroll down past the first ones listed, I’ve said “almost every” religion blog to cover my back. You catholics can think of it as like saying an emergency extra Hail Mary in case you forgot a major sin in confession.

Is the Catholic god keeping score of blog posts now and ranking his adherents on the basis? Those who only post blogs at Christmas and Easter had better start preparing for a long purgatory. Maybe sending chain anti-abortion emails would make up for a few sins of blogging omission?

1 thought on “Christian top ten blogs are really tough to find

  1. Thank you for the link!
    If you are looking for religious comedy ranting may I recommend a few blogs from the UK?

    The Ship of Fools, David Walker and The Mad Priest should tickle you, they are smart witty people. Lark News, The Door and ScrappleFace out of the US are sharp and saterical.

    The Pew Research Project says about 2 percent of blogs are faith based – there must be a blogger in the religious sphere interested in a top 10 style of measurement.

    Adrian Warnock (also in the UK) likes promoting blogs and self-promoting, he is charismatic which might suit your search for fundamentalist. Jump off his Blogdom of God, and you’ll find fundy heaven.

    Blog on!

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