.net Does Good

Loathe though I am to admit it, there is actually an article (op-ed piece really) in this months .net Magazine which I agree with. Yes, it is shocking.

This is temporary. There are rantworthy bits to the rest of the magazine. Normal service will be resumed soon

The normally loathsome “Gary Marshall’s Big Mouth” section is about a news item in which two UK schools have banned Wi-Fi devices after parent’s complained about the health risks the devices posed. Strangely for .net they are actually on the ball here and, as Gary Marshall points out it is a load of “bollocks.”

There is no evidence that Wi-Fi is dangerous and from a scientific point of view you can’t prove they are “safe.” Sadly, some of the less informed people out there will hit upon this and assume it means they are dangerous. You cant prove using pens is safe, but you can say there is no evidence it is dangerous. Shall we ban pens? The reductio ad absurdum on this one could go on for ever.

What the schools really should have done, is made the parents come back in for science lessons. Well done to .net for standing up for sense and science (for a change).

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