Journalist Nonsense

NetMag CoverWell, it is a new month so as you would expect the latest .net magazine appeared. It is still early days but so far there is little sign of improvement (traditionally the writers seem to get a lease of life at the start of the year, but by Oct – Dec are producing mostly garbage), which could bode ill for the rest of the year.

I will write more on it another day, but I am still intrigued that instead of printing more letters they have brought back the “penny forum” nonsense – if you want to read the forum, go to the forum – and they waste pages at the back with pure drivel.

One thing which made me laugh was a quote which read:

There aren’t many digital cameras or DVD players out there without the DivX logo slapped on them…

pageTextWow. Can I suggest the journalist who wrote that needs to actually leave the building every now and then? Ideally (s)he should also visit some shops before making such a broad sweeping remark.

Last time I looked in Currys, Comet, Dixons and PC World – I found two out of a total of about 50 different types of DVD player which would play DivX. I have yet to see a digital camera which has DivX “Slapped on it,” so I can only assume the writer was completely making things up.

If they are going to lie about something like this, where do they draw the line? Can you ever be sure what they say is true?

More on .net will follow if the magazine seems worth it.

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