After the Thor’s day storm, rack your fear up a notch

There is a really good but chilling Hungarian website that will add to any stress you may be feeling after the storms that harrassed Western Europe in the past couple of days.

This shows all disasters from around the world and is constantly updated. For a start, it is quite a shock to see how many and how ubiquitous they are.  You can also see themes devloping. Two days ago, there were lots of earthquakes. Yesterday, there were several volcanoes. Today, the planet seems awash with diseases.

Have some patience with the site. It may be slow on some networks. If you click on one of the disaster icons, it should show you some text and figures and provide a map. It has a few of the problems that you associate with Ajax maps. (It’s odd to find that an earthquake at the tip of South America was said to be in the USA in the text.) It’s well worth persevering with. It’s a great web page.

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