Quick links of Interest

First the wet – some one making a few watery complaints about Dawkins titled “Oh, Richard *slaps forehead*.” Typical comments along the lines of Dawkins not realising there are non-Abrahamic religions etc. Some of the comments she gets are entertaining though. It’s nice to see everyone has formed solid (unfounded) opinions of how much they hate the solid (apparently unfounded) opinions Dawkins has formed. I suspect that at least one commenter doesn’t really know what Dawkins has written 🙂

Also, the more entertaining – a post with a video clip where Dawkins does his “what if you are wrong” bit. Entertaining mainly because it is good to see a scientist who can defend himself in that sort of environment. Science does not lend itself to public debates, and as such, lots of good scientists struggle because they get shouted down by charismatic detractors. What a great way to spend Sunday 🙂

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