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Obviously the Guardian is keen to get in on the Dawkins bandwagon (Check Pharyngula – any post which mentions Dawkins gets five or six times as many responses as one which doesn’t). Sadly, the Guardian, being a newspaper is far from well placed to comment on science or scientists commentary. You would think that, being literary minded journalists, they would be able to comment on philosophical matter but it appears this is not the case.

On Saturday, the Guardian published a comment article by Tobias Jones, titled: “Secular fundamentalists are the new totalitarians” with a tag line which reads:

Militant secularists like Richard Dawkins are taking their revenge on us believers for refusing to stay in the closet

Amazing. I thought for a few minutes that I had slept for months and it was actually 1 April. Madness is apparently a too polite word for it. Intrinsically it highlights what seems to me to be the main flaw in the current religious-anti-Atheist arguments, Dawkins is not a High Priest of Atheism! There is a constant string of nonsense where religious proponents try to undermine the valid debating points made by Dawkins (and PZ Myers, Sam Harris et al) by attacking the nature and behaviour of what they see as the religious leader of the opposition.

Add to this that tag line which implies the faithful have spent millennia being quiet and hiding their beliefs. Wow. What universe does Mr Jones inhabit?
Are all these people insane? (I think the answer to that question is pretty self evident).

Side note: The guardian certainly achieved their aims with the anti-Dawkins comment. As you may imagine it generated a massive volume of response comments. Fortunately most were of the mind that Mr Jones is inherently insane.

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