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Now, this blog has turned a bit anti-religious of late and I am not sure what has caused that. Maybe it is a seasonal influence as the more “devout” try to use this time of year to convince those of us who just want a few days off work to watch TV to appreciate the origination of the holiday. Well, for them I say “unlucky.”

By chance – while I was wondering why Technorati hadn’t registered one of the previous posts here, but had a newer one – I clicked on the tag page and for some reason the “5 hours ago” post (which was listed as the most recent, when mine was 1 hour ago) pointed to a blog post made in 2005 on Nick’s Sanctuary. An amazing example of Technorati’s technical insanity.

Anyway, enough of this, curiosity got to me about this blog (if you read the above link you will see why) and I was intrigued as to what was being written today. This curiosity was rewarded with an insight into how people wrestle with the idiosyncrasies of Christian doctrine, often ending up with nothing more than their own opinion of what is, or isn’t correct.

His most recent blog entry, although overall positive and uplifting highlights some of the odd (to an atheist) problems theists wrestle with. As an example:

Over the past few days I have been very worried about a couple of things, which were leading me to feeling trapped and made me fear I was being sent down a road I did not wish to travel. I worried that I might have no choice or as a dear friend of mine once put it, that my only choice might be “eat the poo or don’t eat the poo.” Basically take what you don’t want or go hungry. In the end it was just paranoia and nothing came of it… but I had been so depressed by the concept that I had sat up in prayer for an hour in the middle of the night, voicing my anger and my distress.

I’ve lately been thinking about the passage in Genesis where Jacob physically wrestles God… actually thinking doesn’t nearly describe it, I’ve been obsessing over it. I’ve read it a couple of times and I’ve printed off three different sermons from the Internet concerning it, in the hope of discovering what the personal relevance is for me at this time.

I honestly suspect this is a frame of mind I will never properly understand.

(By the way, the technorati link is still pointing to a 2005 blog as 5 hours old and if you ever come across a post on Agkyra called the Unhelpfulness of Chance it is just an example that the author doesn’t actually understand natural selection or evolution)

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  2. I think, rather, that you didn’t understand my post (“The Unhelpfulness of Chance” at, which concerned neither natural selection nor evolution but “chance” as a blanket pseudo-explanation for the existence of anything at all.

  3. Agkyra, it may well be the case that I didn’t understand your blog post but even reading it again now, the implication appears to be (and it is even tagged “Evolution”) that natural selection and evolution are based on “chance” (which they aren’t).

    If this was not your intention then you may be able to clear things up by explaining what the “Chance” you are calling unhelpful actually refers to.

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