WordPress Widgets

As part of Admin’s site overhaul, I have been trying to add some of the cool word press widgets to the side bar here. So far, they have pretty much all turned out to be fairly pointless so the current crop are somewhat, erm, minimal 🙂

I did find what looked like an excellent widget to install (the cool looking “Flickr Widget“), and was duly pointed to the repository at http://www.redalt.com/External/plugins.php?p=flickr-widget. This is where things went wrong. The redalt site (which incidentally, lots of links point to for downloads) is totally unresponsive. Not only is it slow to use but none of the links actually result in downloads. Sheer madness.

However, there is another place you can find the widget – http://svn.wp-plugins.org/flickr-widget/trunk/ – and as of right now, this is working fine 🙂

By the way, it is an excellent widget!