Lomography, blogs and adverts

Stonehenge LomoAdding to some of the odd things about technorati, I am going to revisit some complaints that have been made previously. Are blogs dying under the weight of spamblogs?

Let’s take lomography as an example. This is an interesting topic and you would think there were more than a handful of people who were obsessive enough about this that the blogsphere would be well populated. As a counter weight “Lomography” returns over 30,000 hits on flickr, with lomo generating over a hundred thousand hits. People are obsessive about it 🙂

Centre Court ShoppingA search on technorati (http://www.technorati.com/ tag/ Lomography) turns up some interesting results. Sadly, you have to wade through some real dross until you hit an actual page about lomography. When I did the search just now, only four of the first ten were not single page advert blogs (eg Pinhole lomography.com) which appear to serve no other purpose than try to get you to buy something (or worse are just an inbound link farm).

Of the four which were legit one was the previous post here (http://www.whydontyou.org.uk/blog/2006/11/19/digital-storage/), which although it is excellent ( 🙂 ) it isn’t really about lomography – it just has a link to Technorati search on the topic.

Well the web 2.0 may well be the social networking phenomenon to change the web, but so far it is a marketing scam of massive proportions.

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