Wow – Agreeing with .net!

Will wonders never cease! Today’s issue of .net magazine arrived and for the first time in a LONG time I found myself “nodding my head” in agreement with some of the editorials.

On page 17, “Gary Marshall’s Big Mouth” has an article titled “Idiot Wind” and, coming from a net magazine it is certainly a breath of fresh air.

After reading so many articles, online and in print, about how great community powered websites are (including some wikipedia fans and not so fans here… :-)), reading Gary Marshall comment on how these sites highlight the herd mentality and generally descent to the lowest common denominator is very good.

The .net pull quote reads:

Show me any social powered website and I’ll show you the people who are dragging it down.

Not the best possible quote but he has a point! My personal favourites are his comments on the “naive optimism of the web 2.0 cheerleaders.” Personally, I wouldn’t have been so polite.

Sadly, it doesnt look like has put the article on line yet – If they do, I will link to it here.

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