Slashdot Effect Still Working

Well, the rumours of the “slashdot effect” (Where getting a mention on slashdot brings your server to its knees) having died were obviously unfounded.

A recent article (Traveller detained for anti-TSA Message) seems to have had the predictable effect.

I haven’t yet been able to read the original, but the message on slashdot is that a traveller got detained by US Airport police for wiriting an message on a carrier bag which read “Kip Hawley (Head of the TSA) is an Idiot,” (For non Americans, you can read more about the Transportation Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Insecurity –

Isn’t it great having the United States of America as the last bastion of freedom….. The people will remain Free even if it takes locking up every single one of them to achieve it…

It is such a shame George Orwell didnt live to see this day.

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