Building a Linux PC

Linux Website ScreenshotNow, most (if not all of you) will be aware that the Linux Site is getting out of date and we were about to do an overhaul to bring it kicking and screaming into 2006. However, as things were about to begin a debate opened up as to keeping it “for posterity.”

Overall, I am not a nostalgic person, however some of the comments made did make sense and now there is a bit of a rething going on.

Plan A (the original favourite) is that we use the current site, bin all the old data and revise everything in line with 2006 software, hardware and prices.

Plan B (which is growing in support) is that we retain the “old” site and create a whole new section for 2006 – new style, new prices etc.

Please, feel free to let me know what you think (email/posts/news/blogs etc) and in a couple of weeks the outcome of “public opinion” should be visible on the site đŸ™‚

1 thought on “Building a Linux PC

  1. Plan B. No contest.
    A pity to throw the information away. What about people who can only get hold of old tech?
    (Then there will be 2 archives and it will be gaining historical value.)

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